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New Release for 2021!
Activ-Analog "Lost Tracks EP"  on Eupasia -[EUPA-002]

Raw & subtle techno. Fully Analogue Excursions from  the veterans Activ-Analog.
Tracks produced, recorded & mixed between 2000-2004 now on the second Eupasia release, where the story continues. (Illustration Art by:  Sebastiao Rafael Cavaco)
[ACTIV-0015] Sponge Bath - "Tributary" -2X12 -Limited Edition of 200  Beginning in 2008, Nathan Taylor produces techno and DJs under the alias “Sponge Bath,” creating his own space for rhythmic sound design, straight forward DJ tools, and an unabashed love of the more psychedelic and experimental sides of music intended for the club, dancing, and the mix. Based in Carrboro, North Carolina, he has spent the better part of a decade learning, gigging, and DJing throughout the region. Previously, he’s released recordings on Tonelog Records, Grovl Tapes, New Body Tapes, and Acid Etch Recordings. “Tributary,” his first double vinyl release, contains seven tracks of hardware techno, recorded over the span of three years in his home studio and intended for the working DJ to use and abuse in service of the dance floor. The record exists as a small link-in-the-chain of American dance music, paying tribute to those who pioneered the sound of the underground dancefloor. 100% respect and gratitude to the elders, the trailblazers, the unknowns who’ve paid the price and continue on.
[ACTIV-7"-007] Wave Shaper by Paul D. -7" -Limited Edition of 100
Wave Shapers’s approach to electronic music entails the collection of field recordings and foley sounds blended with sequences and live playing of synths over multi tracked backgrounds consisting of the blended captured sounds, all to create a free form escape for the listener. A form of auditory meditation/contemplation as the eventual goal. Enjoy!
Paul D. -"Visitor EP" -AS-22 -Assemble Music
Albeit Records-"Compound Interface" (ALBEIT001)
Limited Edition of 300 hand-stamped 12" Only!
Activ-0013 - "Pollution Project" EP

New Trax from:
///Quench Inclusion///
///Paul D.///

Jon Jerry - ScubaCats EP

1st Vinyl Release on Abstracta Audio!

"QBiK vs.
Quench Inclusion"
Out Now on Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

"AdVerb vs. gnuTron"
Out Now on Limited Edition 7" Vinyl

Out Now
Limited Edition 7" Vinyl

Lady Fingers

Undertow EP (AS-15):
The Activ-Analog collective return under this name for the first time in 10 years with a blistering new EP on Lisbon's Assemble Music. Taken from group live jams which are mixed down and tweaked on the fly, these four tracks recall the explosive simplicity of Daniel Bell's output on Accelerate, both A-side tracks all whacked-out acid and basslines cut through by razor sharp hats and claps. The B-side sees the addition of the same woozy pads that defined their venerated Night Shift EPs from the late 90s, taking the mood far into the afterhours. Hard but with a light touch, funky and clean - in one word, irresistible.
Out Now on Limited Edition 12" Vinyl           
Jon Jerry vs. Santo

Out Now on Limited Edition 12" Vinyl   Textures Vol. 2  (Activ-009)
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